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After years of being in the automotive stamping trade, many safety concerns could be found. One of the #1 concerns, keeping employees from reaching their hands under 1000s of pounds of stamping die tooling. Whenever stamping tooling needed to be stored or stacked on the floor, the only available option was using wood blocks or pallets. These storage means could break or cause uneven loading. The biggest problem was that they needed to be placed by reaching a person's hand under the heavy load. Which during mishaps can cause crushing, amputation, and even death.

We looked for a Better Safer way! With our die storage blocks, hands no longer need to be reached under the stamping die tooling. Everything is safely done above the hazards.

Our stamping die safety storage blocks are made from the highest strength materials and are designed to promote safe and efficient operations, even within the most demanding die stamping facilities.

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